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I eventually hope to get all of our shows posted here. Until then.... If you are really in a hurry to see a particular show, it won't hurt to email me.. Thanks for visiting...and keep checking back.

For Program Info, "Click" on a show name! All of the shows listed for a "Season" are on the same page, The show's name takes you to that portion of the page. Enjoy!

1950/1951 Season
"Ways and Means"
"The Valiant"
"Petticoat Fever"
"Two Blind Mice"
"Dover Road"
1951/1952 Season
"Goodbye, My Fancy"
"Springtime for Henry"
"Murder At Mrs. Loring's"
"The Old Lady Shows Her Medals"
"Goodnight Please"
1952/1953 Season
"Ah, Wilderness"
"Junior Miss"
"Night Must Fall"
"The Voice of the Turtle"
1953/1954 Season
"Pretty Lady"
"Over Twenty-One"
"Boy Meets Girl"
1954/1955 Season
"Kiss and Tell"
"Remains To Be Seen"
"Yes, My Darling Daughter"
"The Hasty Heart"
"The Moon Is Blue"
1955/1956 Season - Nothing yet
1967/1968 Season
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
"My Fair Lady"
"Flower Drum Song"
"The Glass Menagerie"
"Only An Orphan Girl"
1971/1972 Season
"Love Rides The Rails"
"The Impossible Years"
"The Star Spangled Girl"
"The Battle Of The Sexes"
"You're A Good Man,Charlie Brown"
1981/1982 Season
"Anything Goes"
"Chapter Two"
"The Fantasticks"
1982/1983 Season
1985/1986 Season

"A Funny Thing Happened...Forum"
1986/1987 Season
"Toad of Toad Hall"
"Caught In The Villain's Web"
"Snoopy - The Musical"
"Theres No Business Like Show Business"
"Nourish The Beast"
"Mass Appeal"
1988/1989 Season
"Biloxi Blues"
1989/1990 Season

"Key For Two"
"Blithe Spirit"
1990/1991 Season - Nothing yet 1991/1992 Season
"Steel Magnolias"
"Don Juan In Hell"

1992/1993 Season
"Murder At The Howard Johnson's"

"Run For Your Wife"
1993/1994 Season
"Agnes of God"
1994/1995 Season
"Nunsense II"
"Plaza Suite"
"Jake's Women"
"Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick"
"You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"
1995/1996 Season

1996/1997 Season
"Laughter on the 23rd Floor"
"Father of the Bride"

"Damn Yankees"
"Play It Again, Sam"
1997/1998 Season
"The Rainmaker"
"A Playhouse Holiday"
"The Fourth Wall"
1998/1999 Season
"Dracula - The Radio Show"
"A Christmas Treasury"
"God's Favorite"
"Veronica's Room"
1999/2000 Season - WE HOPE!