1998/99 Season - Our 49th Year

"Dracula - The Radio Play"
"A Christmas Treasury"
"God's Favorite"
"Veronica's Room"

" Sylvia"
A Comedy by A. R. Gurney.

This was the first show of the season. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from November 5th through the 14th, 1998.

Directed byLinda Dahlstrom and Ted Turnipseed. Produced byGale Cellucci and Susan Norman.

Cast: In Order of Appearance

Laura Sebastian as Sylvia Craig Dittrich as Greg
Kim Saporito as Kate Tom Adams as Tom
Rebecca Sutton as Phyllis Danielle Adams as Leslie

Production Staff:

Stage Manager - Danielle Adams Set Design - Linda Dahlstrom
Creative Art on Set - Gale Cellucci, Rebecca Sutton and Catherine Hopkins Lighting - Jeff Slater
Sound - John Mings Stage Crew - Keith Lawson andf Jason Pederson
Costume Design - Linda Dahlstrom Properties - Danielle Adams and Sarah Stringfellow
Program, Publicity and Photography - Gale Cellucci Box Office & Reservations - Karin Gabrielson
Bar - Walter Borer Invitations, Poster & Cover Design - Susan Norman
Gala - Susan Norman Security - Daniel Sanchez
Music - Melanie Bales Webmaster - Jerry Hall

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"Dracula "
A Radio Play Adapted by Crane Johnson

This was the second show of the season, with performances Thursday, Friday and Saturday, December 10, 11, & 12 1998. Dracula, The Radio Play Program Cover

Directed by Laura Sebastian and Produced by Rosario Barrera.

Raymond Samuels as Dr. Seward Danielle Adams as Mrs. Harker
Emma Griffiths as Van Helsing Keith Lawson as Renfield
Catherine Hopkins as Lucy Jason Pederson as Dracula
Krista Quinn as Abagail DeeDee Lum as Narrator

Production Staff:
Set Design and Creative Art - Rebecca Sutton Costume Design - Rosario Barrera
Set Construction - Daniel Sanchez Lights & Sound - Jeff Slater
Properties - Rebecca Sutton Box Office and Reservations - Karin Gabrielson
Bar - Walter Borer Photography, Publicity & Gala - Rosario Barrera
Playbill & Advertising - Gale Cellucci Invitation, Poster & Cover Design - Rosario Barrera
Security - Daniel Sanchez Webmaster - Jerry Hall

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"A Christmas Treasury"

Directed by Melanie and Fred Bales. Accompaniment by Donna Grubbs.

Our Annual Holiday Presentation with 2 shows on Saturday, 19 December 1998

History of the Christmas Shows

The Christmas Show tradition began in 1985 while Melanie Bales was President. Bruce Quinn was a board member that year and he suggested that the board offer some type of holiday how commemorating the Guild's anniversary as a "gift" to the members. From this suggestion, the annual Christmas Show was born! Fred Bales, who has performed in 12 out of 14 Christmas shows, leads the pack of performers.

Past directors of the holiday show include Bruce Quinn, Jerry Brees, JoAnne Mitchell, Bill Gonzalez, Melanie & Fred Bales. Happy Holidays to all our Guild Patrons. We hope you have enjoyed our "Christmas Treasury".


Barbara Armani Melanie Bales
Fred Bales Linda Dahlstrom
Rick Dahlstrom Randy Grubbs
Bruce Quinn Ted Turnipseed

Production Staff:

Choreography - Linda Dahlstrom Set Design - Melanie & Fred Bales
Gala -Debbie Pohlmann Program - Janet Jeffrey
Lighting - Jeff Slater Set Decoration - The Cast

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" God's Favorite"
A Comedy by Neil Simon
This was the third show of the season. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 19 February through 6 March 1999. God's Favorite Program Cover

Directed by Carlos Williams and Produced by Gale Cellucci.

Cast: In Order of Appearance

John Matta as Joe Ray Warfield as Ben
Sarah Stringfellow as Sarah Diana Luz Parada as Rose
Gavin Sundwall as David Rosario Barrera as Mady
Federico De Lima as Morris Emma Griffith as Sidney
John Mings as The Voice

Production Staff:

Stage Manager - Ruth Duncan Set Design - Carlos Williams
Creative Art on Set & Decoration - Gale Cellucci, Catherine Hopkins & Joan Manfredo Costumes - Rosario Barrera
Set Construction - Daniel Sánchez Lights - Brooke Stringfellow
Sound - John Mings Properties - Hania Woodman
Back StageA.J. Mata, Cristi Roubik & Luv Jhangimal Box Office & Reservations - Karin Gabrielson
Bar - Walter Borer Photography & Playbill - Gale Cellucci
Publicity - Gale Cellucci & Rosario Barrera Invitation, Poster & Cover Design - Rosario Barrera
Gala - Clarita Smith Security - Daniel Sánchez

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" Veronica's Room "
A Mystery / Thriller by Ira Levin

Program Cover - Veronica's Room This was the final show of the season. We appreciate the continued support from both AT&T and USARSO's Valent Recreation Center. Support from outside the "theater community" has become a neccessity for the Guild's survival. This show was entered into the FORSCOM Festival of the Performing Arts Competition for 1999. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 16 April through 1 May 1999.

Directed by Edwin Cedeño. Produced by Gale Cellucci.


Dionisio Johnson as The Man Myrna Castro as The Woman
Michael Winfrey as The Young Man Ana Lorena Broce as The Girl

Production Staff:

Hannia Woodman - Stage Manager Catherine Hopkins - Ass't to the Producer
Cristi Roubik - BackStage Cooridinator Edwin Cedeño - Set Design
Gale Cellucci, Catherine Hopkins - Creative Art on Set Rosario Barrera - Costumes
Hannia Woodman - Make- up & Hair Design Javier Barrera - Lights & Sound Design
Betsaida Méndez - Lights Catherine Hopkins - Sound
Cloty de Luna - Properties Gale Cellucci - Photography & Playbill
DCA Marketing - Program Cover, Invitations, Poster Design Karin Gabrielson - Box Office & Reservations
DCA - Valent Rec. Center - Gala Opening Walter Borer - Bar
Daniel Sanchez - Security Jerry Hall - Webmaster

Set Construction: Bill Harding, Victor Herrera, Daniel Sanchez, and Marvin Watson.

BackStage Crew: José Checa, Yasmin González, Vera Machutova, Eyra Portillo, Cristi Roubik, and Raúl Trigoyen.

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