1953 / 54 Season - Our 4th Year

1953/54 Season - Our 4th Year

Cover Design This was the original program cover design for the Theatre Guild. The program cover remained the same for all of these shows and is only pictured once. Only the paper and ink colors were changed.Please Note: Except for "Pretty Lady," I was unable to get the Production Staff Info because the programs were glued on that page of the program. If you have any of these listings please email it to me so that I can add it to the shows.

"Pretty Lady"
"Over Twenty-One"
"Boy meets Girl"

" Pretty Lady " An Original Musical by Walter Diamond and Salo Eidelman.

This page was on the inside of the program. This was the first show of the season. Performences were sometime in 1953. Adolfo Arias' commentary, "So You Want To Be An Actor?" appeared in this program and may be viewed from the "Historical Notes" Page. A membership was still "only" $5.00 Inside Front Cover

Directed by Gracelyn Johnston.

Cast: In Order of Appearance

Russell Wise as The Great Goldini Marie Myers as Wilma
Nell Staples as Florence Geraldine McGriff as Helen
Connie Glassburn as Alberta Don Griffith as Jack "Squinty" Carroll
Lee Cotton as Delivery Boy Doug Maduro as Steve Winters
Nellie Holgerson as Laurie Adams Peg Patterson as Clara Long
Art Myers as Sam Taylor Stan Fidanque as Detective Reagan
Frank Dillon as Harold Martin Nancy Sidebotham as Nora
Alex Plotnikoff as Peter Kreppl Jo Scott as Poster Girl
Elaine Lichter as Anna
Marie Myers, Barbara Hammond, Sue Mable, Geraldine McGriff, Pat Dunning & Connie Glassburn as THE FLAPPERETTES Otilia Tejeira, Girza Gimenez and Barbara Hammond in THE BALET

Production Staff

Victor Herr Musical Director Salo Eidelman Vocal Arrangements
Dorothy Chase Choreography Ignacio Mallol assisted by the "Artists Group of the National League of American Pen Women Set Design
Douglas Johnston & Warner Hoyle Set Construction Adelaide Fidanque Wardrobe
Ruby Quintero & Klaus Spier Lighting Francisco Foz, Adela Bettis & Don Griffith Make- Up
Clarence Martin Musical Arrangements Dorothy King, Phyllis Buckhart & Jeanette Kovel Properties
Rene Wolf Photography BRENDA Hair Styling
COWES Provided the Chair
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" Over Twenty-One " A Comedy by Ruth Gordon

This was the second show of the season. Performences were August 18, through the 22nd, 1953. Production Staff information not available. Sorry.

Directed by Adela Bettis. Assisted by Roy Glickenhaus.

Cast: In Order of Appearance

Louise Glud as Jan Lupton Phil Sanders as Roy Lupton
Madelyn Shinn as Pauls Wharton Jim Coman as Max Wharton
Tom Greevy as Robert Drezel Gow Bob Livingston as An Elderly Gent
Nancy Sidebotham as Mrs. Armina Gates Don Griffith as Col. H.C. Foley
Louise Clark as Mrs. Foley Roy Glickenhaus as Joel I. Nixon
Rose Epstein as Miss Manley

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" Rebecca " A Play by Daphne Du Maurier

This was the third show of the season. Performences were!(unknown). Production Staff information not available. Sorry.

Directed by Gracelyn H. Johnston.

Cast: In Order of Appearance

George Reel as Frith Arline Lincoln as Beatrice Lacy
Dan Tucker as Maj. Giles Lacy Ken Darg as Frank Crawley
Nan Lynch as Alice (maid) Frank Dillon as Robert
Warren Millar as Maxim De Winter Doreen Dowswell as Mrs. De Winter
Claude Aycock as Mrs. Danvers Don Griffith as Jack Favell
Walter John LaMont as Col. Julyan William McKeown as William Tabb
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" Boy Meets Girl " A Comedy by Bella & Samuel Spewack

This was the forth production of the season. Performance dates not known. Production Staff information not available. Sorry.

Co-Directed by Adela Bettis & Ron Worcester

Cast: In Order Of Appearance

Phil Sanders as Robert Law Cecil Hodges as Larry Toms
Roy Glickenhaus as J. Carlyle Benson Frank Dillon as Rossetti
Cynthis Matthews as Miss Crews Len Worcester as C.F. (Mr. Friday)
Natalie Worcester as Peggy Geoffrey Russell as Rodney Bevan
Walter Diamond as Green Salo Eidelman as Slade
Penny Boyles as Susie Tina Sanchez as Nurse
Sol Yudine as Doctor Phil Thomas as Young Man
Alex Plotnikoff as Cutter Betty Ann Benison as Another Nurse
Dave Constable as Studio Officer Bruce Carpenter as Maj. Thompson
Al Leventon as B. K.
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" Skylark " A Play by Sampson Raphaelson

This was the final production of the season. Performences were in the spring of 1954. Production Staff information not available. Sorry.

Staged And Designed by John Leitnaker.

Cast: In Order Of Appearance

William McKeown as Theodore Bob Livingston as George Gorell
Dan Tucker as Tony Kenyon Doreen Doswell as Lydia Kenyon
Marie Myers as Charlotte Franklin Frank Dillon as Ned Franklin
Don Griffith as Bill Blake Cynthia Matthews as Myrtle Valentine
Ron Ehrke as Hartley Valentine

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