1986/87 Season - Our 37th Year

"Toad of Toad Hall"
"Caught In The Villain's Web"
"Snoopy, The Musical"
"There's No Business Like Show Business"
"Nourish The Beast"
"Mass Appeal"

" Toad of Toad Hall "
A Play based on Kenneth Graham's "The Wind In The Willows" by A. A. Milne,
Music by H. Fraser-Simson

This was the first show of this season, starting early, with performances from August 15th through the 30th, 1986. As a summer show it featured and entertained many children. There were also special performances hosted by the PCC Administrator and Mrs. Dennis P. McAulifffe and the Deputy Administrator and Mrs. Fernando Manfredo Jr. These were to raise funds for the "Lion Pride Habitat" at Summit Gardens, a project of the Audubon Society. Program Cover

Directed by Bruce Quinn.
Produced by Caroline S. Hall.

Cast:In Order Of Appearance

Mariel Fabrega as Marigold Connie Buttimer as Nurse
Kenneth Googe as Mole Mike Jorgensen as Water Rat
Stephen Bennett as Mr. Badger John Mayles as Toad
George M. Childers as Alfred Kevin Johnson as Chief Ferret
Karella McCall as Chief Weasel Kurt Brockhausen as Chief Stoat
Aaron Izbicki as First Field Mouse Dashia Wisner as Second Field Mouse
Edward Hatchett as Policeman Jeanne Marie Craddock as Gaoler
Kevin Johnson as Usher Jack Ullrich as Judge
Erin Hatchett as Turkey Aaron Izbicki as Duck
Sara W. Short as Phoebe Jeannie Brockhausen as Washer Woman
Susan K. Bennett as Mama Rabbit Lea Izbicki as Lucy Rabbit
Aaron Izbicki as Harold Rabbit Tim Denley as Fox
Jeanne Marie Craddock as Barge-Woman

Bridgit Ann Brockhausen, Cathy Buttimer, Rochelle Beverly, Samantha Currier, Tim Denley, Kestra Espey, Nathan Espey, Erin Hatchett, Lea Izbicki, Jo-Jo Ullrich and Dashia Wisner as Ferrets, Weasels, Stoats, Rabbits and Squirrels.

Merrill Espey - Musical Director
and Vera Bomford - Choreographer.

Production Staff:

Bruce Quinn - Associate Producer Barbara Sanders - Assistant Music Director
Steve Belok & Dan Kuhn - Co-Stage Managers Bruce Quinn - Lighting & Set Design
Melinda Hatchett - Lighting Technician Sue Vest - Costume Design & Coordinator
Flower Griffin - Make Up Holly Wisner - Properties
Caroline Hall & Bruce Quinn - Program George Childers & Bruce Quinn - Publicity
Bruce Quinn - Poster & Program Art Jerry Brees - House Manager
Jerry Brees & Janet Goertz Box Office & Reservations Bill Gonzalez & Susan Norman Bar

Set Construction: Bruce Quinn, Steve Belock, Jeannie Brockhausen, Steven Bennett, Susan Bennett, Rochelle Beverly, Bridgit Brockhausen, Kurt Brockhausen, Cathy Buttimer, Connie Buttimer, Tim Denley, Kenneth Googe, Caroline Hall, Erin Hatchett, Melinda Hatchett, Kevin Johnson, Mike Jorgansen, Dan Kuhn and Hilberto Valdez.

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" Caught In The Villain's Web " A Melodrama by Herbert E. Swayne

Program Cover This was the second show of the season. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from October 3rd through the 18th, 1986.

Directed by Mitch Swanson and Produced by Pat Swanson.


Soly Greco as Felicity Fair Billy Petkidis as Malvern Larkfield
Sue Vest as Mrs. Regina Larkfield Audrey Lee Alves as Lona Larkfield
Kenneth Googe as Brockton Sara Clark as Denise
Bill Gonzalez as The "Evil" Cyril Bothingwell Carls Rodgers as Nella Hargrave
Catherine Goodrich as Mrs. Geraldine Hargrave Ed Hatchett as Dr. Hugo Belch
Fran Banasick as The Pianist Jack Ullrich as The Emcee
Lucille Baker & Purvis Hamm as The Law Enforcement Officers Rob McFarland as "El Mago"
Nicholas L. Unger as Flim-Flam Man

With special appearances by Ann Beers, Betty Blanchette, Nancy Dirkes & Linda Jones," The Sweet Adelines. "

Production Staff:

Armando Him & Sue Norman Co-Stage Managers Jerry Brees Lighting Design
Mitch Swanson Set Design Catherine Scribner Costumes
Rudy Cazabon, Wanda Fanning, Anita Seifert, & Thomas Leckey Lighting & Sound Techies Kevin Johnson, Bea McDonald & Pat Swanson Properties
Armando Him Make-Up Joe's Happy Hair Hair Consultants
Angela Mayers Hair Stylist Bill Gonzalez Photography
Caroline Hall, Sue Norman & Pat Swanson Program George Childers, JoAnne Mitchell & Sue Norman Publicity
Mitch Swanson Poster & Program Cover Art Jerry Brees House Manager
Gail & Jess Totten Box Office & Reservations Sue Norman Bar Manager
JoAnne Mitchell Gala

Set Construction: Mitch Swanson assisted by: Audrey Alves, Sara Clark, Bill Gonzalez, Eddie Goodrich, Ken Googe, Melanie Googe, Warren Gordon, Armando Him, Danny Norman, Jeff Norman, Mike Norman, Sue Norman, Billy Petkidis, and Pat Swanson.
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" Snoopy, the Musical " Book by Charles M. Schultz Associates, Music by Larry Grossman, Lyrics by Hal Hackady

This was the third show of the season. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from November 21st through December 13th, 1986. Program Cover

Directed by JoAnne Mitchell and Jerry Brees. Produced by Joan Manfredo.


George Childers as Snoopy Fred Brockhausen as Charlie Brown
Carmen Garcia as Peppermint Patty Caroline S. Hall as Lucy
Mark Norton as Linus Susan Pylant as Woodstock
Susan Sweet as Sally


Ken Darlington Pianist Tammy Norton Pianist
John Beers Drummer Fred Bales Bass Guitar

Production Staff:

Janet Goertz & Jerry Brees Coreographers Frank Mitchell & Jo Anne Mitchell Assistant Producers
Toni Millard Stage Manager Bob Clay Assistant Stage Manager
Tammy Norton Assistant to the Directors & Dance Captain Jerry L. Hall Lighting Design
Jerry Brees Set Design Shirley Leffler Properties
Rudy Cazabon, Ken Googe & Billy Petkidis Lighting Technicians Elaine Brewer & Frank Mitchell Woodstock's Costume
George Childers, Bob Clay & JoAnne Mitchell Publicity Arthur Pollack Photography
Karen Timko & Dave Young Stage Art Jerry Brees Poster Art
Joan Manfredo Program Cover & Design Barbara Cairns Comic Strip Dialogue
Gail & Jess Totten Box Office & Reservations Heather Pylant & Tammy Norton House Managers
Jeannie Brockhausen & Kathy Engle Gala

Set Construction: Dan Kuhn assisted by: Jerry Brees, Fred Brockhausen, George Childers, Caroline Hall, Alicia Kuhn, Lauren Kuhn, Niki Kuhn, JoAnne Mitchell, Rob Mitchell, Tammy Norton, Billy Petkidis, Brandon Sweet, Susan Sweet, Jess Totten & Julia Totten.
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" There's No Business Like Show Business"
A Broadway Musical Review for the Holidays

This was the Year's Holiday show with 2 performances on Saturday, December 20, 1986. It was sponsored by Hallmark.

Directed byJoAnne Mitchell and Jerry Brees. Produced by Jerry Brees.


Fred Bales Jerry Brees
Ken Millard JoAnne Mitchell
Heather Pylant Sharon Smith
Gail Totten

Production Staff:

Piano - Gail Totten Set & Lighting Design - Jerry Brees
Costumes - The Cast Lighting - Soly Grecco's Flame
Bar - Bob Apold & George Childers Box Office & Reservations - Jess Totten

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" Nourish The Beast " An Adult Comedy by Steve Tesich

This was the fifth show with performances on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from January 30th through February 14th 1987.

Program Cover - Nourish The Beast

Directed by George M. Childers, Produced by Brenda Lane.


Toni Millard as Goya Ken Millard as Mario
Ed Hatchett as Old Man Jerry Brees as Bruno
Audrey Alves as Sylvia Jess Totten as Adolf & Studley
Gary Steinkohl as Criminal Jack Ullrich as Client

Production Staff:

JoAnne Mitchell Assistant to the Director & Producer Shirley Leffler, Terry Goldfarb & Rudy Cazabon Stage Managers
Mark Anduss- Lights Kenneth Googe- Sound
Bruce Quinn- Set Design Brenda Camp, Tina Child, Bob Clay & Sue Vest- Properties
Brenda Lane & JoAnne Mitchell - Program Jeanne Brockhausen & Susan Sweet - Stage Artwork
Ken Darlington- Make Up Consultant Brenda Lane - Program & Poster Art
Arthur Pollack- Photography Jerry Brees- House Manager
Jess & Gail Totten- Box Office & Reservations Sue Norman- Bar Manager

Set Construction: Bruce Quinn, Steven Bennett, Susan Bennett, Jeanne Brockhausen, David Sweet, Bob Apold, Leonardo Blancas, Rob Mitchell, JoAnne Mitchell, George Childers and Brenda Lane.
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" MASS APPEAL " A Play by Bill C. Davis

Program Cover - MASS APPEAL This was the sixth show of the 1986/87 season. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from March 20th through April 4th.

Directed by Caroline Hall, Assisted by JoAnne Mitchell. Produced by Patricia Swanson.


John Mayles as Father Tim Farley Sam Scribner as Mark Dolson

Production Staff:

Kenneth Googe Stage Manager Jerry Hall Lighting Design
Jerry Brees Lights JoAnne Mitchell Sound
Bruce Quinn & Mitch Swanson Set Design Ann MaylesProperties
Caroline Hall & Patricia Swanson Program George Childers Publicity
Arthur Pollack Photography Jerry Brees House Manager
Jess & Gail Totten Box Office & Reservations Sue Norman Bar Manager
Linda Drga, Lesley Hauser, Anne Muse & Patricia Swanson Gala Committee

Set Construction: Mark Anduss, Bob Apold, Jeanne Brockhausen, Kurt Brockhausen, Kenneth Googe, Caroline Hall, Garrett Hall, Jerry Hall, Kevin Johnson, Bruce Quinn, Mitch Swanson and Patricia Swanson.
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" Gypsy " Book by Arthur Laurents, Gypsy Rose Lee and Stephen Sondheim, Music by Jule Styne and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

This was the seventh and final show of this busy season. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from May 8th through June 13th, 1987. Program Cover - Gypsy

Directed by Bruce Quinn. Produced by Susan Sweet.

Cast:In Order Of Appearance

Tom Pierce as Uncle Jocko Sean Lichtenberger as George
Danny Norman as Sammy Bridget Brockhausen as Balloon Girl
Kristen Kirkby as Baby Louise Joy Lynne Engleke as Baby June
Jo Anne Mitchell as Rose Edward Hatchett as Pop
Robert Mitchell, Danny Norman, Buddy Bottin & Brian Caffery as NewsBoys Tom Pirece as Weber
Michael Baker as Herbie Tammy Norton as Louise - as an adolescent
Adrienne Oliver as June - as an adolescent Jerry Brees as Tulsa
Richard McQuown as Yonkers as
Jorge Luis Garcia as Angie Damien Oliver as L.A.
David Patton as KJringelein Edward Hatchett as Mr. Goldstone
Lucille Baker as Miss Crachitt Sharon Smith as Louise - as an adult
Melanie Lawlor as Agnes Judy Holloman as Marjorie May
Johanna Leffler as Edna Mary Peck as Gail
Cathy Buttimer as Dolores Bridget Brockhausen as Thelme
Fred Brockhausen as Pastey as
Jeanne Brockhausen as Tessie Tura Bea McDonald as Miss Mazzeppa
Richard McQuown as Cigar Shirley Blumberg Leffler as Electra
Connie Buttimer as Renee Edward Hatchett as Phil
Marcos Alvarez as Bourgeron-Cochon Omar Rosario & Mario Guerrero as the Cow
Kelly McQuown as the Waitress Pokey McQuown as Chow Mein - The dog

Jeanne Brockhausen, Connie Buttimer, Kelly McQuown, Cathy Buttimer, Danny Norman, Bryan Caffrey and Sean Litchenberger as The Stage Mothers, Neighbors and Contestants.


Jorge Luis Pujol R. Director & Synthesizer Ken Darlington Pianist
Tammy Norton Pianist Johanna Leffler Pianist
Fred Bales Bass Guitar Ralph Smith Drummer

Production Staff:

Vera Bomford Coreographer Toni Fisher Millard Assistant Director
Bob Apold Stage Manager Ken Darlington & Tammy Norton Rehearsal Pianists
Bruce Quinn Lighting & Set Design Jerry L. Hall Lighting Consultant
Maria Lourdes Bottin Costume Coordinator Kelly McQuown & Margaret Leigh Properties
Mike Robinson Program & Poster Design Sue Vest, Luis Martinez, Elaine Brewer, Felisa Hinz & Emily McClean Costume Designs
George Childers, Bob Apold & Bruce Quinn Publicity Arthur Pollack Photography
Tom Leavy Revolving Stage Design Alex & Stephanie Hinek Revolving Stage Construction & Operation
Susan Sweet & Bruce Quinn Program Brenda Lane Cow'sHead & Placards
Jess Totten Box Office & Reservations Jerry Brees, Tammy Norton & Heather Pylant House Committee
Bill Gonzalez & Susan Norman Bar

Set Construction: Bob Apold, Mike Baker, Jeannie Brockhausen, Ken Googe, Alex Hinek, Stephanie Hinek, Dan Kuhn, Tom Leavy, Richard McQuown and Bruce Quinn.

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