1954 / 55 Season - Our 5th Year

1954/55 Season - Our 5th Year

Cover Design - The Beginning Years This was the original program cover design for the Theatre Guild. The program cover remained the same for all of these shows and is only pictured once. Only the paper and ink colors were changed. On December 6th, this year, the Theatre Guild went "On The Air" on "HOG Radio" with a version of Charles Dicken's "THE SIGNALMAN," Directed by Len Worcester.
Please Note: I was unable to get the Production Staff Info for a couple of the shows because the programs were glued to a piece of cardboard covering that page of the program. If you have any of these listings please email it to me so that I can add the info to the shows.

"Kiss And Tell"
"Remains To Be Seen"
"Yes, My Darling Daughter"
"The Hasty Heart"
"The Moon Is Blue"

" Kiss And Tell " A Play by F. Hugh Herbert.

This was the first show of the season. Performences were July or August of 1954.

Directed by Roy Glickenhaus.

Cast: In Order of Appearance

Michael Angelo as Mr. Willard Nanette Lynch as Louise
Elke Altman as Corliss Archer David Browne as Raymond Pringle
Cynthia Matthews as Mildred Pringle Bruce Quinn as Dexter Franklin
Lila Arosemena as Janet Archer Warren Cook as Harry Archer
Elmon Golden as Private Erhart Douglas Maduro as Lieutenant Lenny Archer
Argus Gilly of Las Cumbres as Marchbanks Carolyn Jaffrey as Mary Franklin
Pete Van Houser Jr. as Bill Franklin Edith Staab as Dorothy Pringle
Marvin R. Livingston as Uncle George Wilbur Phipps as Robert Pringle
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" Remains To Be Seen " A Play by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse.

This was the second show of the season. Performences were October 25 & 29, 1954.

Directed by Betty Haberstick.

Cast: In Order of Appearance

Norman McWhinney as Edward Miller Len Worcester as Benjamin Goodman
Don Griffith as Dr. Charles Gresham John Mayles as Waldo Waltman
Richard Eisenmann as Dr. Chester DeLapp Jerry Southard as Robert Clark
Russell Wise as Fred Fleming William H. Edmondson Jr. as Tony Minetti
Jack Randall as Morris Rosenberg Hindi Diamond as Jody Revere
Roy Glickenhaus as Hideo Hayakawa Kathy Wilbur as Valeska Chauvel
Bill Smith as Al, The Porter Natalie Worcester as Mrs. Bright
Ben C. Sparks as Lieutenant Casey Bill Smith as Detective Davis
Douglas Johnston as Detective Weiner

Production Staff:

L. Budd Haberstick Stage Manager Douglas Johnston & Warner Hoyle Set Construction
Cynthia Matthews Properties Adelaide Eisenmann Wardrobe Supervisor
Don Griffiths & Claude Aycock Make-Up Edis Medinger & Donna Stuebe Script Assistants
Len Worcester & Hindi Diamond Publicity Norman McWhinney Programs
Gracelyn Johnston Box Office Rene Wolfe Photography
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" Yes, My Darling Daughter " A Brilliant Comedy by Mark Reed

This was the third show of the season. Performences were December 14th to 18th, 1954. Production Staff information not available. Sorry.

Co-Directed by Frederic J. Berest and Gracelyn Johnston.

Cast: In Order of Appearance

Georgia McGinn as Ellen Murray Robert B. Memminger as Lewis Murray
Jean Egan as Constance Nevins Eda R. Keith as Martha
Gene Simpson as Ann Whitman Murray Adolfo Arias Espinosa as Titus Jaywood
Norman N. McWhinney as Douglas Hall
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" The Hasty Heart " A Play by John Patrick.

This was the forth production of the season. Performance were March 28 to April 2, 1955.

Directed by Claude Aycock


Earl Boone as Orderly John La Falce as Yank
Bill Beech as Digger Bill Edmonson as Kiwi
Bob Beecher as Blossom Davew Board as Tommy
Bobette Millard as Margaret John Catron as Lachlen

Production Staff:

Earl Boone Stage Manager Capt. John Leitnaker, U.S. Army Set Design
Warner Hoyld Set Construction John Leitnaker & Howard Armistead Lighting
Christine Tull, Francis Edmonson, Margaret Simpson & Pat Rigby Properties Eloise Monroe Wardrobe Supervisor
Don Griffiths Make-Up Mary Buxton Script Assistant
Len Worcester & Hindi Diamond Publicity Adela Bettis & James Roberts Programme
Carol & Roy Glickenhaus Box Office Alex Plotnikoff Technical Assistant
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" The Moon Is Blue " A Comedy by F. Hugh Herbert.

This was the final production of the season. Performences were in from May 9th to May 14th, 1955. A Special thanks went to Warner Hoyle for building the Front Porch addition to the Guild.

Directed By Len Worcester & Assisted By Kathy Wilbur.


Penny Boyles as Patty O'Neill Douglas Maduro as Don Gresham
Len Worcester as David Slater Don Griffiths as Michael O'Neill

Production Staff:

Alex Plotnikoff Stage Manager Martin Gornick Assistant Stage Manager
John Leitnaker Set Design Warner Hoyle, Earl Brown & Jerry Davenport Set Construction
Mary Buxton & Marie Isherwood Properties Carol Glickenhaus Ticket Sales
Douglas Johnston Box Office Judy Titus, Mary Curtis, Nalice Price, Eleanor Van Zandt,Judy Lindsey, Beth Little, Marilyn Bevington, Bette Hatchett, Esperanza Lopez, Deedee Tewinkle, Millie Sandrone, Helen Tilley, Rosa Ann McGarr, Maureen Naudts, Pat Wade, Ann Livingston, Norine Dillman & Elaine Clark Usherettes

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