1967/68 Season - Ancon Theatre Guild

1967/68 Season - Our 17th Year

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
"My Fair Lady"
"Flower Drum Song"
"The Glass Menagerie"
"Only An Orphan Girl"

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" A Musical by Jesse Braham White, Music by Edmond Rickett
This was the first show of the season, a children's special production. Opening on July 21st, performances ran through July 29th, 1967. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Directed and Produced by Johann Meyer. Music Direction & Piano by Betty Brewster.


Candy Anderson as Princess Snow White Ce Ce Sloan as Queen Brangomar
Kristy Plencner as Rosalys Kerry Plencner as Amelotte
Alice Parthenais as Ermengarde Kristen Specht as Guinivere
Lillian Meyer as Christabel Laurie Zerr as Astolaine
Janice Nehring as Ursula Hank Williams as Sir Dandiprat Bombas
Dale Festner as Berthold Matt Koenig as Prince Florimond of Calydon
Hans Meyer as Valentine Phillip Meyer as Vivain
Richie Alexander as Blick Stephen Parthenais as Flick
Bobby Parthenais as Glick Mark Anderson as Snick
Roy Meyer as Plick Mark Parthenais as Whick
Stuart Eldridge as Quee Carrol McCarren as Witch Hex
Alice Plencner as Pedler Woman Cathy Bussell as Blue Bird
Cindy Sloan as Long Tail Suzanne Amundson as Short Tail
Beatrice Dunbar as Lack Tail Kathy Plencner as Tree
Kathy Fears as Tree Jennie Vino as Tree
Carol Amundson as Tree Erica Specht as Tree
Marilyn Sloan as Tree

Production Staff:

Alice Plencner Production Assistant Johann Meyer Set Design & Dance Arrangements
Tommy Adkins Stage Manager Stan Hoxsie Lighting
Stan Hoxsie & Dale Festner Set Construction Charles Floyd Sound
Jim & Sue Southard, Fred Baumgardner & Jan Adkins Make-Up Rae Meyer Costumes
Betty Brewster Music Improvisations Genne Adams Art Direction
Betty Parthenais Vocal Assistant Linda Floyd, Jan Adkins & Joan Bickerstaff Properties
Odette Jacks Program Cover Johann & Rae Meyer Program & Advertising
Lucille Carney, Wanda Bussell & Nan Zerr Wardrobe Mistresses Rae Meyer & Tessie Luce Box Office and Reservations
Arthur Pollack Photography Audrey Stuart, Judy Fears, Hans Meyer, Phillip Meyer, & Jana Meyer Ushers

Artwork, Painting & Backstage Crew: Genne Adams, Russell Adams, Jan & Tommy Adkins, Fred Baumgardner, Joan Bickerstaff, Cristina, Marcia & Melinda Collins, Rudy Crespo, David Cunard, Dale Festner, Linda & Charles Floyd, Bernard Hunt, Stan Hoxsie, Charles Klopek, Johann & Lillian Meyer, Alice & Kristy Plencner AND Mosse Pounds.
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" My Fair Lady " Book and Lyrics by Allen Jay Lerner. Music by Frederick Loewe
A Really BIG show!! This was a joint effort with the Canal Zone United Fund (they did most of the work). Opening on August 17th, performances ran through August 27th, 1967.

Directed and Produced by Bruce Quinn. Choreographed by Tony Mata. Music Direction by Capt. Loren Johnson, USAF. conducting the United States Air Forces Southern Command Band.


John Mayles as Professor Henry Higgins Susanna Adema as Eliza Doolittle
Trevor Simons as Alfred P. Doolittle Bob Wright as Colonel Pickering
George Hohloff, Carmen Eastham & John Ignacio as Buskers Lynn Odinov as Mrs. Eynesford-Hill
Walter Frazier as Freddy Eynesford-Hill Tom Mitchell as A Bystander
Ceri Hankey as Selsey Man Ed Wallace as Hoxton Man
Jerry Hall as Another Bystander Ed Conn, Pete Britnall, Dennis O'Brian & Tom Mitchell as Cockneys
Jackson Green as Bartender Richard Gaydos as Harry
Jerry Hall as Jamie Emily Dunbar as Mrs. Pearce
Ed Conn as Hopkins Pete Britnall as Butler
"Cookie" Dean, Jody Longhill, Linda Fussell, Linda Woodruff & Ed Conn as Servants Willys Reid as Mrs. Higgins
Tom Mitchell as Chauffeur Ceri Hankey & Ronald Novey as Footmen
Tom Mitchell as Constable Richard Gaydos as Lord Boxington
Lupe Gaydos as Lady Boxington Carmen Eastham as Flower Girl
Nathan Gilgoff as Zoltan Karpathy Arline Raymond as Queen of Transylvannia
Jody Longhill as Mrs. Higgin's Maid
Pete Britnall, Ed Conn, Francis Dean, Martha Fidanque, Nathan Fernald, Linda Fussell, Jackson Green, Ceri Hankey, Virginia Keller, Jody Longhill, Ronald Novey, Dennis O'Brian, Arline Raymond, Ed Wallace, Allegro Woodruff and Linda Woodruff as Singing Ensemble Kathy Alexander, Carmen Eastham, Carol Garner, Lupe Gaydos, George Hohloff, John Ignacio, Walter Lenneville, Tony Mata, Tom Mitchell and Estrell Obon as Dancing Ensemble

Production Staff:

Bruce Quinn Producer, Director & Set Designer Loren Johnson Musical Director
Tony Mata Choreographer Elva Fairchild & Bruce Quinn Set Backdrops
Julio Rodriguez Stage Manager Bill Titus Asst. Stage Manager
Charles Hummer Technical Director Bill Gonzalez Lighting Director & Designer
Mike Halley, Joe Orr, Florinda Beechner, Rex Beck, Ralph Dugas & Clifford Bell Lighting & Sound Marian Hall, Eve Stephens, Eda Beechner & Mavis Davidson Costume Coordinators
Ethel Givens Properties Chairman Marie Wright, Lois Alexander & Nancy Burns Properties
Ramona Mata, Evelyn Farbman & Lynda Wallace Make-Up Marcus Quinn Chairman, Box Office and Reservations
Tessie Luce, Marge Daniels, Marcella Green, MariaElvira Perez and Carol Dunbar Box Office and Reservations Nancy Grimison & Tobi Bittell Publicity & Souvenir Program Notes
Carol Nellis & Ginger Flumach Production Secretaries Bruce Quinn Posters
Harry Raymond House Manager Dr. Mary Graham, Lynn Mayles & Laura Seeley Ushers

Set Construction & Stage Crews: Sally Adair, A.B. Arnett Jr.. Steve Bailey, Diana Ball, Ada Beechner, Eda Beechner, Florinda Beechner, Kathy Burns, Marcia Collins, Carol Dunbar, Rudy Crespo, Glenn Curtis, Edward A. Dutton, Theresa Frazier, Marlea Givens, Suzanne Gordon, Tom Griffin, Pat Grimm, Michael Haley, Peter Hankey, Susan Hodges, Kathleen Kervin, Dean Kramer, Bonnie Leber, Ann Medinger, Jean Medinger, Bette Olson, Joseph Orr, Dan Raymond, Kenny Rodriguez, Robert Russell, Charles Sanders, Mark Stephen, William Titus, Chris Van Overen, Peter Van Overen, and Cathy Ware.

United States Air Force's Southern Command Band:

Paul Hazlip Flute Daryl Peterson Oboe
Larry Lohnes, Lee Barnes, Rudy Romanak Clarinet James Powell Alto Clarinet
Carl Antifonario Bass Clarinet Norm Carpenter Bassoon
Scotty Duncan & Gary Nelson Saxophone Larry Holtsclaw Tenor Saxophone
Larry Fullmer Baritone Saxophone John Blake, Mike Boyd & Vern Allen French Horn
William Ruthstrom, James Young & Willy Ottinger Trumpet Bill Fell, Tino Cullado & Patrick Lucas Trombone
Roy Ayala Euphonium Don Sorvala Tuba
Art Wiggins String Bass Howard McMillan & Frank Miller Percussion
Frank Miller & Russell Freeman Rehearsal Pianists
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" LUV " A Play by Murray Schisgal

This was the second show this season, with performances during the Fall of 1967. Don't have the exact dates for this one. Program Cover - LUV

Directed by Sol Farbman. Produced by the Board.


Jan Lommen as Ellen Manville Don Lohse as Harry Berlin
Floyd Holland as Milt Manville

Production Staff:

Bruce Quinn Set Design
Dean Wilson Stage Manager Stan Hoxie & Fred Baumgardner Lighting
Tom Adkins, Fred Baumgardner, Dale Festner, Larry Pearson & Bruce Deuel Production Crew Rae Meyer with Tessie Luce, Marge Daniels, Leah Barkowitz & Tobi Bittel Box Office and Reservations
Jan Leffingwell Costumes James Twomey Program
Bruce Quinn Program Cover Design Dora Hardy Membership
Al Haun & Tobi Bittel Publicity Marie Weir Usher
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" Flower Drum Song " A Musical by Richard Rogers & Oscar Hamerstein II. Based on the book by Oscar Hammerstein & Joseph Fields
This was the third show of the season. Opening on December 1st with performances through December 16th, 1967.

Directed by Johann Meyer. Produced by Wayne Floyd. Choreography by Andrea Hitch.

Cast: in order of appearance

Catalina Lau as Mei Li Tony Mata as Dr. Li
Edgar Sanchez Romero as Policeman Edna Cordoba as Madam Liang
Genie Richardson as Liu Ma Alfred Huish III as Wang San
Ronald Urbaniak as Wang Ta Richard Roper as Wang Chi Yang
Thomas Youhas as Sammy Fong Dianne Laurel Parks as Linda Low
Edgar Sanchez Romero as Mr. Lung (the tailor) John Fernandez as Mr. Wong (the banker)
Ines Balmaceda as Helen Chao Albert Schrippits Jr. as Professor Cheng
Daniel Ngui as Frankie Wing Robert E. McBride Jr. as the Waiter
Stella Tremblay as Fan Tan Fanny Albert Schrippits Jr. as Dr. Lu Fong
Linda Floyd as Madam Fong Cathy Bussell, Hans Meyer, Jana Meyer, Lilli Meyer as Children

Dancing Ensemble: John Fernandez, Tony Mata, Ivan Ngui, Edgar Sanchez Romero, Blanca Guzman, Trini Huish, Lizia Lu, Priscilla Mendez, Priscilla Sanchez, Stella Tremblay, Betty Wong and Theresa Wright.

Production Staff:

Wayne Floyd Production Coordinator & Sound Director Linda Floyd Assistant to the Director and Assistant on Sound
Rae Meyer Costume Director Leah Lozny Costume Design
Johann Meyer Set Design Genne Adams Art Director
Clifford Bell & Kenneth Silva Lighting 776th USAFSO Band Recordings
Betty J. Brewster Rehearsal Pianist Sue & Jim Southard Make-Up
Al Schippits Make-Up Assistant Frances Sutton & David W. Walker Properties
Bernard L. Hunt Stage Manager Jerry Hall Assistant Stage Manager
Johann Meyer Program Cover Rae Meyer & Jim Twomey Program
Tom Bittel & Leslie High Publicity Vanda Bussell Wardrobe
Rae Meyer Box Office and Reservations Marie Weir Ushers
Dora Hardy Memberships Christina Lipke Photography
Genne Adams, Carol Hardenbrook, Leslie High & Maritza Carrasco Art Work

Set Construction & Stage Crew: Frederic G. Hardenbrook, Robert Weatherill, Johann Meyer, Wayne Floyd, Bernard Hunt, Linda Floyd, Kenneth Silva & Roger Broadwell.
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" The Glass Menagerie " A Play by Tennessee Williams

The Glass Menagerie - Program 				Cover This was the third show of the season. Performances were from February 21st through March 2nd, 1968.

Directed by Frank Plencner. Produced by Bruce Quinn.


Lavonne Garrison as The Mother Frank Notaro as Her Son
Marjie Sener as Her Daughter Jay Fergusson as The Gentleman Caller

Production Staff:

Harry Raymond Stage Manager Al Johnson Lighting
Rex Beck Sound Nancy Burns, Emily Dunbar & Alice Plencner Properties
Margie Shores & Lucille Carney Costumes Isabel Davis Make-up
Tobi Bittel Publicity Charles Gessner Photography
Rae Meyer Box Office & Reservations Dora Hardy Memberships
Marie Weir Ushers

Set Construction & Stage Crew: Bill Burns, Nancy Burns, Ada Beechner, Eda Beechner,Florinda Beechner, Melinda Collins, Marcia Collins, Stan Raymond, Ken Silva & Bernie Hunt.
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" Only An Orphan Girl or Who Will Save Sweet Nellie? " A MeloDrama by Henning Nelms

This was the final show of the season. Performances were Spring 1968. Memberships for the next season were $7.50 and included 5 shows. An Al Sprague Original

Directed by Don Lohse. Produced by Floyd Holland.

Music for the production was composed and arranged and conducted by John Oster.

Dramatis Personae:

John McTaggert as Arthur Rutherford (from the city) Ray E. Palmer as Dick Perkins (a clean-cut farm lad)
Joe Carney as Swem Perkins (his father) Jenny Osborn as Nellie (the orphan girl)
Cleo Clark as Ethel Rutherford (a fair stranger) Marilyn Beightler as Mrs. Perkins ( a mother)
Jimmie Osborn as Amos Appleby (a neighbor) Kristy Plencner as Lucy (a ray of sunshine)

The Show also featured Don Lord and his Saints Of Dixieland.

Don Lord on Trumpet Dick Kestler on Clarinet
Tom Bartlett on Trombone Tom Carruth on Banjo
Stan Booth on Bass Tom Pickard on Drums

Olio Acts:

Joe Barry with Madames Marilyn & C.C. Sloan as Mr. Moon and the Shadow Sisters Lauri Zerr, Beatrice Dunbar, Lauri Saarinan, Lilly Meyer and Lynn Saarinan as The Dead End Dilletants
Mrs. Arline Raymond as Madam Serafini Symfonica Chaplain Allen Grenspan as Spangrini, The Great
Cleo Clark as Miss Belle Bazaaz Lyndon Ginnett Ph.D. as The Bard Of Ballyboa
Kathy Kiley as Chi Chi La Flamme Davey Jones M.C. Olio Director

Production Staff:

Harry Raymond Stage Manager Ray Walcott, Marci Collins & Martha Ireland Set Design And Painting
Nancy Burns & Florinda Beechner Properties Bill Titus House Manager
Lucille Carney & John Fernandez Costumes Al Johnson Lighting
Clifford Bell & Janice Leffingwell Special Effects Phra Ashby Mechanical Engineer ACT IV
Fred Baumgardner, Tom Leavy & George Pacheco Stage Crew James & Sue Southard Make-Up
Sherri Holland & Marci Collins Program Cleve Soper Special Coordinator & Scrounger
Bill Titus, Julio Rodriguez, Bill Gonzalez, Nate Fernald, Ray Walcott & Arthur Pollack Waiters Angie Rodriguez, Judy Titus, Marcia Merritt, Virginia Carter, Peggy Laverne, Karen Parks, Kathy Parks & Marjie Sener Waitresses
Allegro Woodruff, Cathy Alexander, Marcia Collins & Melinda Collins Usherettes Jackie Bullock, Glenda Scanlon, Sara Hatch & Christina Bates Usherettes (more)

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