1952 / 53 Season - Our 3rd Year

1952/53 Season - Our 3rd Year

Cover Design - The Early Years This was the original program cover design for the Theatre Guild. The program cover remained the same for all of these shows and is only pictured once. Only the paper and ink colors were changed. Please Note: I was unable to get the Production Staff Info because the programs were glued on to a piece of cardboard covering that page of the program. If you have any of these listings please email it to me so that I can add the info to the shows. These performances were all at the "Diablo Heights Theater."

"Ah, Wilderness"
"Junior Miss"
"Night Must Fall"
"The Voice of the Turtle"

" Ah, Wilderness " A Play by Eugene O'Neill.

This was the first show of the season. Performences were July 10th & 11th, 1952.

Directed by Rufus Z. Smith & Assisted by Toby Ely.

Cast: In Order of Appearance

Len Worcester as Nat Miller Peggy Smith as Essie Miller
Richard Herman as Arthur Philip Sanders as Richard
Marie Jones as Mildred Jay Clemmons as Tommy
Martin Halpern as Sid Davis Adela Bettis as Lily Miller
David Smith as David McComber Kitty Douglass as Muriel McComber
Duane Koury as Wint Selby Helen Wright as Belle
Nancy Darlington as Nora Kenneth F. Millard as the Bartender
Richard Lanzner as the Salesman
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" Junior Miss " A Comedy by Sally Benson.

This was the second show of the season. Performences were August 27th & 28th, 1952. Production Staff information not available. Sorry.

Directed by Gracelyn Johnston & Assisted by Jeannette Kovel.

Cast: In Order of Appearance

Robert Loggia as Harry Graves Martin Halpern as Joe
Nell M. Staples as Grace Graves Barbara Millard as Hilda
Louise A Glud as Lois Graves Pam Carpenter as Judy Graves
Kaye Rigby as Fuffy Adams James Thomas as J.B. Curtis
Louise Neal as Ellen Curtis Douglas Maduro as Willis Reynolds
Bob Zumbado as Barlow Adams Jay Clemmons as Haskel Cummings
Jerry Axelrod as Western Union Boy Jim Greene as Merrill Feurbach
Wendall N. Spreadbury as Sterling Brown Philip Sanders as Albert Kunody
Paul E. Davis as Tommy Arbuckle Bruce Carpenter Jr. as Charles
Robert Rahl as Henry

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" Night Must Fall " A Play by Emlyn Williams

This was the third show of the season. Performences were October 22nd & 23rd, 1952. Production Staff information not available. Sorry.

Directed by Gene Simpson.

Cast: In Order of Appearance

James P. Roberts as the Lord Chief Justice Nancy Sidebotham as Mrs. Bramson
Kitty Douglass as Olivia Grayne Martin Halpern as Hubert Laurie
Rosamond Scott as Nurse Libby Ruth Townsend as Mrs. Terrence
Norma DeLeon as Dora Parkoe Bob Garrison as Inspector Belsize
Paul E. Davis as Dan
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" The Voice of the Turtle " A Comedy by John VanDruten.

This was the forth production of the season. Performance were December 17th & 18th, 1952. Production Staff information not available. Sorry.

Directed by Paul E. Davis

Cast: In Order Of Appearance

Arline Lincoln as Sally Middleton Anne McGrath as Olive Lashbrooke
Robert Loggia as Bill Page
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" Harvey " A Comedy by Mary Chase.

This was the final production of the season. Performences were in the spring of 1953. Production Staff information not available. A Theatre Workshop was also conducted from April 6th to the 10th, 1953, advertised in this program.

Directed by Arthur Payne.

Cast: In Order Of Appearance

Barbara Millard as Myrtle Mae Simmons Claude Aycock as Veta Louise Simmons
Bob Garrison as Elwood P. Dowd Muriel Treadwell as Miss Johnson
Mary Brigham as Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet Jerry Barone as Ruth Kelly, R.N.
Ken Millard as Duane Wilson Charles Walsh as Lyman Sanderson, M.D.
Len Worcester as William R. Chumley, M.D. Nell Staples as Betty Chumley
Roy Glickenhaus as Judge Omar Gaffney Phil Sanders as E.J. Lofgren

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