1981/82 Season - Ancon Theatre Guild

1981/82 Season - Our 31st Year

"Anything Goes"
"Chapter Two"
"The Fantasticks"

"Anything Goes" A Cole Porter Musical. Book by Guy Bolton, P.G. Wodehouse, Howard Lindsay & Russel Crouse
Whatever Happenned to Ed Schwartz? This was the first show of the season and was a joint effort with the Canal Zone United Way. Opening on Friday, August 12th, performances ran through Saturday, September 5th 1981.

Directed by Edward G. Schwartz. Produced by Dan Goldsworthy. Choreography by Vera Bomford.

Cast: in order of appearance -

Dick Collver as Elisha J. Whitney Melanie Bales as Steward / Reporter
Bob Napper as Camaraman / Sailor Clay Gross as Sir Evelyn Oakleigh
Opal Stetzinger as Mrs. Edith Harcourt Lisa Sweaney as Miss Hope Harcourt
Edward Hatchett Jr. as Bishop Henry T. Dobson / Captain Rick Jones as Ching / Sailor
Davis Stevenson as Ling JoAnne Mitchell as Reno Sweeney
Cathy Collver as Reno's Angel - Charity Sam Hinek as Reno's Angel - Purity
Gaelen Sweany as Reno's Angel - Chastity Helen Schlapak as Reno's Angel - Virtue
Chuck Simons as Billy Crocker Vikki George as Purser
Evangeline Thompson as Bonnie Douglas Vanderpool as Moonface Martin
Daniel Merrill as Sailor

Music Direction by Joan Simons with Gail Goodrich Totten and Becky Warthen on Pianos and Bill Patterson on Drums.


Ann Patton Assistant Director Deborah Little Stage Manager
Tina Tulipano Asst. Stage Manager Dick Collver Asst. Producer
Marilyn Smith Costume Designs Carlos Escalona & Alcides Torres Makeup
Mark Nelson Set Design & Decorator Linda Collver Program
Caroline Hall Photography Jan Meriwether House Manager
Susan Hall Liang & Jan Meriwether Publicity Gilberto Sanchez, Paul Rudeshiem & Moses Pinto Lighting & Sound
Mel & Belva Stanaway Properties Wayne Stanley & Dan Goldsworthy Bar
Jay Frank Set Construction Gerda Dickins Box Office and Reservations

Set Construction: Jay Frank, Gilberto Sanchez, Yasmin Hodedorn, Paul Rudesheim, Davis Stevenson, Darlene Daniel, and Caron Collver.

Box Office & Reservation Committee: Caroline Hall, Douglas Harris, Dee Winford, Joan Manfredo, Gloria Quiñones, Janet Winford, Mercedes Rice and Liz Finilli.

Ushers: Tracy & Andy Stetzinger, Douglas Harris, Stephanie & Georgia Corin, Allen Simons, Kelly Ryner, Vikki, Varerie & Dana Frank and Claire Pascavage.
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"Chapter Two" A Comedy by Neil Simon

This was the second show this season, with performances opening Friday, October 2nd and running Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through October 17th, 1981. Chapter Two

Directed by Bill Gonzalez. Produced by Gerda Dickins.


Wayne Stanley as George Schneider Arthur Pollack as Leo Schneider
Linda Luce Gonzalez as Jennie Malone Clarita Thayer Smith as Faye Medwick


Tony Schlapak Technical Director Bill Gonzalez & Mark Nelson Set & Lighting Design
Doug Vanderpool Stage Manager James Weaver Lighting Crew Director
Linda Hernandez, Sam Hinek & Cliff White Lighting & Sound Technicians Mark Nelson Artist
Carlos Escalona Makeup Anyemarie Weaver Wardrobe Coordinator
Pat Bailey, Caron Collver & Alcides Torres Wardrobe Assistants Nina & David Carlson Properties
Gerda Dickins Box Office and Reservations Caroline Hall Program
Gerda Dickins & Wayne Stanley Program Assistants Bill Gonzalez & Art Pollack Photography
Bill Gonzalez Publicity Chris Kelly & Jan Meriwether House Managers
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"The Fantasticks" A Musical by Tom Jones & Harvey Schmidt

The Longest Running Musical This was the third show of the season. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from December 9th through December 19th, 1981.

Directed by Edward G. Schwartz. Produced by Caroline S. Hall.


Chuck Simons as The Narrator, El Gallo Georgia Brown Perez as The Girl, Luisa
George Childers as The Boy, Matt Trevor Simons as The Boy's Father, Hucklebee
Robert Powers as The Girl's Father, Bellomy Douglas Vanderpool as The Actor, Henry
Clay Gross as The Man Who Dies, Mortimer Sam Hinek as The Mute

Music provided by Mary Margaret Camell and Samuel Anchor on Pianos and Bill Patterson on Drums.


Vera Bomford Choreography Debby Little Stage Manager
Mel Stanaway Technical Director & Asst. Stage Manager Wayne Stanley & Debby Little Asst. Producers
Davis Stevenson Asst. Technical Director Jerry Hall Lighting Design
Adrian Salinas Lighting Technician Linda Collver Graphic Arts
Carlos Escalona Makeup Brenda Lane, Carla Boyce & Terry McCue Makeup Assistants
Marilyn K. Smith Costume Design Susan Manwaring Costume Assistant
Belva Stanaway Properties Caroline & Jerry Hall, Wayne Stanley & Debby Little Program
Gerda Dickins Box Office & Reservations Dan Goldsworthy Publicity
Arthur Pollack Photography Linda Hernandez House Manager

Set Construction & Stage Crew: Mel Stanaway, Cathy Collver, Shawn Matros, Adrian Salinas, Davis Stevenson and Jimmy Weaver.
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"AMADEUS" A Play by Peter Shafer

This was the final show of the season. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in February 1982. Sallieri was Great

Directed by Bruce Quinn. Produced by Gerda Dickins.


John Mayles as Antonio Sallieri Douglas Vanderpool as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Linda Luce Gonzalez as Constance Kenneth Millard as Joseph II
Edward W. Hatchett Jr. as Count Johann Von Strack Kaye Richey as Count Orsini-Rosenberg
Bruce Allen Leinback as Baron van Swieten Gerda Dickins as Venticelli I
Samual Anchor as Venticelli II Clay Gross as A Mojordomo
Sally Talburt as Sallieri's Cook Leonard Talburt as Kapellmeister Bonno
Leonor Richey as Teresa Jan Meriwether as Katherina
Richard Haynes, Eugenia S. Bing & Adrian Salinas as Townspeople

Production Staff:

Samual Anchor Music Composer & Technical Advisor George Childers Assistant Producer
Debby Little Stage Manager Charlene Leinback Graphic Artist
Bruce Quinn Set Design Marilyn Smith Costume Designer
Mel Stanaway Set Construction Carlos Escalona Make-Up
Mel Stanaway Lighting Director Caroline Hall Sound
Belva Stanaway & Mildred Olsen Properties Gerda Dickins Reservations
Anyemarye & James Weaver Box Office Susan Manwaring House Manager
Arthur Pollack Photography Bill Gonzalez, George Childers & Jan Meriwether Publicity
Gail Goodrich Totten Membership Wayne Stanley Program, Advertisements & Bar

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