1994/95 Season - Our 45th Year

"Nunsense II"
"Plaza Suite"
"Jake's Women"
"Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick"
"You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"

" Nunsense II " A Musical Comedy by Dan Goggin
Any Sense Will Do This was the first show of the season with performances opening Friday, October 14th, and running Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through November 5th, 1994.

Directed by D.L. Sima. Produced by Gale Cellucci.

Music Direction and Piano by Aurora Brandaris, Assisted by Kenny Hall.


Diana Luz Parada as Sister Mary Regina, Mother Superior Laura Adame as Sister Mary Hubert, Mistress of Novices
Heather Bro-Moroschak as Sister Robert Anne Melanie Marcec as Sister Mary Paul; aka Amnesia
Maureen Sampson as Sister Mary Leo Melanie Marcec as Sister Mary Annette (a hand puppet)


Ana Linares and Maureen Sampson Choreography Anita Kerat Stage Manager
Danny Sima Lighting Miguel Cellucci Sound & Follow-Spot
Gale Cellucci, DL Sima and Maureen Sampson Publicity Gale Cellucci Programs and Invitations
Ana Linares & Anita Kerat Costumes Anita Kerat & Ted Turnipseed Bird Cage
Caroline & Jerry Hall & Jorge Zambrano Box Office and Reservations Linda Dahlstrom House Manager
Geri Dee Bar Manager DL Sima Gala Openeing
Marshall Esquina Graphic Arts & Photography

Set Construction:Dan Sima, DL Sima, Danny Sima, Anita Kerat, Howard Elton,Gale Cellucci, Miguel Cellucci, and Maureen Sampson.
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" Plaza Suite " A Comedy by Neil Simon

A Special, Extra Show this Season This was the third show of the season, an extra. Performances were Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays from November 25th through December 3rd, 1994.

Directed by Carlos Williams (Act I), DL Sima (Act II), & Armando Him (Act III). Produced by The Guild Board.


Miguel Cellucci as The Bellhop/Waiter Hania Woodman as Karen Nash
Francis Icaza as Sam Nash Melanie Marcec as Jean McCormack


Miguel Cellucci as Waiter William Keltner as Jesse Kiplinger
Maureen Sampson as Muriel Tate


Susan F. Norman as Norma Hubley Art Pollack as Roy Hubley
Miguel Cellucci as Borden Eisler Tzeitel Olarte as Mimsey Hubley


Danny Sima & Ted Turnipseed Stage Manager Tzeitel Olarte Properties
The Actors Costumes & Make-up Dan Sima Lighting Design
Armando Him, Bruce Quinn & Carlos Williams Set Design Lilli & Ben Davis Lights & Sound
Gale Cellucci Graphic Arts Gale Cellucci Programs & Publicity
Linda Dahlstrom House Manager Caroline & Jerry Hall Box Office & Reservations
John Bennett & Linda Dahlstrom Bar

Set Construction: Monalisa Arias, Gale Cellucci, Miguel Cellucci, Armando Him, Eugene Lee, Tzeitel Olarte, Bruce Quinn, DL Sima, CÚsar Siu, Carlos Williams and Hania Woodman.
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" Jake's Women " a play by Neil Simon

This was the second show this season, with performances opening Friday, January 13th and running Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through January 28th 1995. Billy's, I Mean Jake's Women

Directed by Bill Gonzalez. Produced by Susan F. Norman.


Michelle O'Brien as Maggie Betty Sproul as Karen
Lisa Sproul as Molly (at 12) Jessica Quinlan as Molly (at 21)
Diana Luz Parada as Edith Lydia M. Young as Julie
Keri Ferguson as Sheila Bill Gonzalez as Jake


Tim Bunn Stage Manager Bill Gonzalez Set & Lighting Design
Jason Gonzalez, Michael Navicky & Robert Goldsworthy Lights and Sound Bill Gonzalez Photography
Gale Cellucci Publicity & Program Design Linda Gonzalez, Dee Hanna & The Cast Costumes
Maxine Thomas Hail Stylist Caroline & Jerry Hall Box Office and Reservations
Bruce Quinn Gala Linda Dahlstrom House

Set Construction: Jason Gonzalez, Juan (Bingo) Sing, Bill Gonzalez, Tim Bunn, Marin Santiago, Gilberto Valdez,Sergio Moran, Darren Morales, Ian Morales and Andrew Ng.
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" Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick " A Clean Rural Comedy by Lieut. Beale Cormack

A Melodrama This was the third show of this season. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 24 February through 11 March 95. In keeping with "melodrama" tradition, we continued picking up popcorn for months after closing.

Directed by Art Toth & DL Sima. Produced by Gale Cellucci.


Ted Turnipseed as Aaron Slick Laura Adame as Mrs. B.
Robert Verville as Merridew Betty Sproul as Sis
Raymond Samuels as Clarence Nina D'Alessandro as Gladys Merridew
Heather Bro-Moroschak as Lady In Red Dale D'Alessandro as Farmer
Cheryl Wall as The Fall Down Lady Robert Trisler as The Cat
Sarah Stringfellow as Marquee Girl Karen Moreland, Sarah McIlvaine as Cabaret Girls
Saugei Gomez, Gabriela Othon & Lindsey Palmiero as More Cabaret Girls Lisa Sproul, Courtney Townsend & Angelica Maria Quintero as Still More Cabaret Girls


Aurora Brandaris Music Director Maureen Sampson Choreographer
Anita Kerat Stage Manager Art Toth & DL Sima Set Design
Chris Palmiero Stage Crew Dan Sima Lighting Design
Brooke Stringfellow Lights Gale Cellucci Program Design & Publicity
Gale Cellucci, Art Toth, Brenda Lane, Nina D'Alessandro & Ted Turnipseed Graphic Arts Marshall Esquina Photography
Anita Kerat, Maureen Sampson & The Cast Costumes Susan Norman Box Office & Reservations
Aurora Toth Gala Opening Linda Dahlstrom House
Buck & Carol Lightell Bar

Set Construction: Dan Sima, DL Sima, Danny Sima, Raymond Samuels, Art Toth, Anita Kerat, Dale D'Alessandro, Nina D'Alessandro, Betty Sproul, Robert Verville and Ted Turnipseed.
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" You're A Good Man Charlie Brown " A Musical Comedy by Clark Gesner
Based on "PEANUTS" by Charles M. Schultz

This was the fourth show of the season. Performances were Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 19 May through 3 June 1995. Sadly, it was also George Childers' last show at the Guild before retirement. I'll Get You Red Baron!

Directed by Bruce Quinn & Carlos Williams and Produced by Bruce Quinn


George Childers as Snoopy Aldo Mata as Linus
Raymond Samuels as Schroeder DL Sima as Peppermint Patty
Betty Sproul as Lucy Bruce Quinn as Charlie Brown


Aurora Brandaris Musical Director Aldo Mata Choreographer
Hannia Woodman Stage Manager Dan & DL Sima & Bruce Quinn Lighting Design
Bruce Quinn & Jaime Rodriguez Set Design Nina D'Allesandro Lights
Miguel Herrera Photography Dan Sima Special Effect
Charles Brannan Costume Design Susana Gary Costumes Assistant
Susan Norman Box Office & Reservations Gale Cellucci Program Advertisements
Orlando Hernandez Graphic Arts Cheryl Obediente Gala Opening
Linda Dahlstrom House Laura Adames Bar Manager

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