1971/1972 Season - Our 22nd Year

1971/72 Season - Our 22nd Year

"Love Rides The Rails"
"The Impossible Years"
"Star Spangled Girl"
"The Battle Of The Sexes"
"You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"

" Celebration " A Musical by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt.

Program Cover - Celebration This was the first of two summer shows produced primarily by the "younger" community with a little help from the Office of the Youth Advisor to the Governor. Performances were from June 23rd through the July 3rd, 1971.

Directed by Sydney Belle Townsend. Produced by Charlotte Wiedel.

Cast: In Order of Appearance

Rudy Crespo as Potemkin John Sheldon as Orphan
Suzanne Fuqua as Angel Skip Maloney as Major Domo
Ken Millard as Edgar Allen Rich Ann Berniard, Anita Cole, Lark Mason, Sue Millard, Lisa Parks, Ralph Dugas, Charles Johnson, James Johnson and Skip Maloney as the Revelers

Production Staff:

Ken Anderson Musical Director Rick Belzer Technical Director
Rudy Crespo, Suzanne Fuqua & Paul Willenborg Choreography Rick Belzer Set & Lighting Design
Paul Willenborg Stage Manager Dick Mortenson & Paul Willenborg Lighting Assistants
Barbara Armistead Costumes Isabel Hummel & Toni Hatchett Costume Committee
Debbie Armistead Props Char Miller Make-Up
Federico Cabrera del Lima Break-Away Designer Char Miller Art Advisor
Norman Casey, Angie Grady, Jeanne Owre, Karen Thompson & Sue Vega Art Committee Skip Maloney & James Johnson Set Construction "Heads"
Debbie Armistead, Mathew Armistead, Jim Aurich, Randy Balmas, Kathy Dyson, Dick Mortenson & Charlie Johnson Set Construction "Crew" Peter Brooks Publicity
Terry Stanley & Peter Brooks Programs Ken Anderson Photography
Lisa Parks, Debbie Armistead & Peter Brooks Ushers Rae Meyer Box Office
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" Love Rides The Rails or Will The Mail-Train Run Tonight?" A Melodrama by Moreland Cary

This was the second show of the summer, competing with the United Way Show " Oliver " on the BHS stage. Performances were from August 12th through the 21st, 1971. Program Cover - Love Rides The Rails

Directed by George Scribner. Produced by Paul Givonetti.


Margie Sener as Mrs. Hopewell Gail Goodrich as Prudence Hopewell
Jerry Hall as Simon Sebastian Stoneheart Darkway Jay Lowe as Truman Pendennis
Alex Scribner as Harold Stanfast Marc Marcola as Dirk Sneath
Dinorah Escala as Carlotta Cortez (Qué Buena Es) Lorrie Husum as Fifi
Bill Schwarz as Fred Wheelwright Don Lohse, John Bircher, Mark Goodrich & John Scribner as The Crowd
Julia Bircher as Beulah Belle Glenn Lee as Dan
Hector Sealey as the Officer

Production Staff:

Debbie Lohse Assistant to the Director Jim Reid Stage Manager
George Scribner Set Design Carol Lambert Props
Lighting Design Lights and Sound
Poster & Invitation Design Publicity & Program Design
Photography Creative Arts on Set
Costumes Box Office and Reservations
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"The Impossible Years " A Comedy by Arthur Marx & Bob Fisher

Program Cover - The Impossible Years This was the First "regular" show of the season. Performances were Tuesday through Sunday from October 12th through the 23rd, 1971.

Directed by Don Lohse.

Cast: In Order Of Appearance

Sol Farbman as Dr. Jack Kingsley Patty Bailey as Linda Kingsley
Bonnie Hebert as Abbey Kingsley Debbie Niskanen as Alice Kingsley
Tony Triano as Ricky Fleisher Mike Senft as Richard Merrick
Shirley Givonetti as Miss Hammer Laurie Husum as Francine
Bill Marcola as Dennis JHohn Bircher as Andy
George Scribner as Bartholomew Smuts L. Willard Shankel as Dr. Harold Fleisher
Paul Givonetti as Arnold Breecher Mark Shankel as Irwin Kniberg

Production Staff:

Skip Maloney Assistant to the Director Skip Maloney Stage Manager
Paul Givonetti (Chief), Deanna Lohse, Paul Hebert, Linda Lowe, Skip Maloney, Karen Husum, Mark Shandel, Ginny Sener, & Mark Hebert Stage Crew Shirley Givonetti (Chief), Linda Lowe, Karen Husum, Florinda Beechner & Debbie Lohse Properties
Paul Hebert (Cheif), Mark Hebert, Dave Zucowski & Curt Walters Lighting & Sound Art Pollack & Debbie Lohse Program
Art Pollack Photography Art Pollack Publicity
Rae Meyer Box Office

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" The Star-Spangled Girl " A Comedy by Neil Simon

This was the second regular show of the season. Performances were Tuesday through Sunday, from 30 November through 12 December, 1971. Program Cover - Star Spangled Girl

Directed & Produced by Bruce Quinn.


Jim Hernandez as Andy Hobart Paul Brian as Norman Cornell
Sandy Fobes as Sophie Rauschmeyer

Production Staff:

David White Co-Producer Hank Goldman Stage Manager
Bruce Quinn & Tom Leavy Set Designers Bruce Quinn Lighting Design
Bob Rendon Lighting Director Tom Leavy In Charge of Set Construction
Ted & Evelyn Brown Properties Co-Chairmen David White Publicity
Annie Siebrands Program Notes Art Pollack Photography
Donna Mills Make-Up Chairwoman Davis Hernandez Lighting Assistant
Julie Brian & Ann Organ Properties Assistants Curly Campbell Sound
Rae Meyer Box Office Kim Brown House Manager

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" The Battle Of The Sexes " A "Program" adapted from the works of James Thurber, George Jean Nathan, Schopenhauer, Phyllis McGinnley, Rusty Warren, Don Marquis, Edna St. Vincent Millet, G.B. Shaw, Susan B. Anthony, The Bible, Strindberg, Dorothy Parker AND Others...

Program Cover - Battle of the Sexes This was the third show of the season. Performances were Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from February 24th through March 4th 1972.

Directed by Floyd Holland.

This show was made up of many segments from various authors. All cast members played multiple roles in different segments and character names were not listed in the program. So, Here they are as they were listed, but only once per actor.

Cast: In Order Listed

Randi Bauer Don Lohse
Largo Woodruff Johann Meyer
Loring White Carol Nothstine
Henry Williams Ann Siebrands
Floyd Holland Richard Collver
Sharon Holland Toni Fischer
Char Miller Jack Pehler
Craig Schwartz Barbara Armistead

Musicians - Intermission:

Fred Bauer Piano Carol Armistead Flute
Carol Nothstine Violin Mark Maravilla Drums

Like many of these programs, that I am getting this info from, the program is glued to a piece of mounting board and framed at the Guild. It would destroy the program to remove it from it's mounting, so Production Staff Information is not available. If you have a copy of the back page, and can send me a copy, contact me and I'll get you my address.
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" Your're A Good Man, Charlie Brown " A New Musical based on the comic strip, "PEANUTS" by Charles M. Schulz

Adult Cast - Charlie Brown This was the final show of the season. Performances were in May of 1972. This show featured both an adult cast, for evening performances, and a juvenile cast, for matinees.Younger Cast - Charlie Brown

Directed and Produced by Bruce Quinn.

Adult Company:

Jim Hernandez as Linus Richard Desimone as Charlie Brown
Eve Desimone as Patty Bob Brody as Schroeder
Robert Vega as Snoopy Cay Patterson as Lucy

Juvenile Company:

Dennis Crary as Linus Anthony Black as Charlie Brown
Lovann Arnett as Patty Ronnie Hirschl as Schroeder
Mark McMillan as Snoopy Debbie Niskanen as Lucy

Available Production Staff:

Fred Bauer Musical Director Vera Bomford Choreography
Bruce Quinn & Julio Rodriguez Set Design Ricky Belzer Lighting
Randi Bauer Costumes Nancy Burns Properties
Rae Meyer Box Office

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